Private Prosecutions

Enyo Lawyers are one of Australia’s only specialist private prosecution firms. As part of our expertise we have consultants across the globe who are widely recognised in their field as the leading experts in private prosecutions.

There are many benefits to bringing a private prosecution, including:
  • It is a deterrent to the wrongdoer (and other wrongdoers). It is commonly used byinsurers as a general deterrence to stop insurance fraud;
  • It is much faster and more responsive than Crown prosecutions;
  • There is potentially the ability for the prosecuting entity to recoup a large portion of the legal fees;
  • A successful conviction makes civil proceedings (and potentially asset tracing) much easier, cheaper and quicker; and
  • It brings criminals to justice.
Private prosecutions place an extra pressure and onus on the perpetrator of a crime to be held accountable for their actions. Often the police don’t have the resources or the inclination to prosecute a crime. This happens frequently where the crime is of a complex nature, frequently fraud or securities offenses.

Enyo Lawyers runs a very specialist practice in the field of private prosecutions and can help you bring simultaneous actions in criminal and civil courts.

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