Wills & Estates

Enyo Lawyers has some of the most cost effective solutions for wills and testamentary instruments in Australia. We are experienced from the very small, simply will – all the way up to complex testamentary trusts to avoid certain parties making a claim on your estate. In matters with serious risks, we frequently video-record interviews with clients to ensure that no-one can challenge your wishes.

We provide a completely online solution tailored to your needs at a time that works for you. All you need to do is complete the following steps:
  1. Fill out a form here giving us all the information we need.
  2. We will then be in touch with you to organize a teleconference at a time suitable for you and organise payment into our trust account (however, we won’t bill you until the job is done).
  3. You’ll be sent draft documents with an easy to understand explanation of how they work.
  4. Together, we discuss any changes you’d like to make or further instructions.
  5. We send the final documents to you with detailed signing instructions (these must be completed carefully!)
  6. 24 hours before the conference, we'll send you draft documents.
  7. If you choose, you can return the original to our firm, where will be store it securely for free and we will also make sure it’s been signed correctly.
Getting the right lawyer isn’t easy, but it is important. Contact us on (07) 3012 6345 or write to info@enyolawyers.com.au to start getting your will underway.

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Enyo Lawyers are committed to providing high quality commercial legal services to its diverse and highly valued clients from mid-sized publicly listed companies, foreign owned subsidiaries, to privately owned businesses.

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